Comedian entertains and educates


Comedian Steve Hofstetter performed in front of dozens of EWU students.

Comedian Steve Hofstetter performed in front of dozens of EWU students.
Comedian Steve Hofstetter performed in front of dozens of EWU students.

photo by Anna Mills

Hofstetter shares experiences with toddlers, racists and flight attendants

by Al Stover
Eagle Life Editor
[email protected]

Comedian Steve Hofstetter was on a plane to Seattle when he saw several stars from the television series “Toddlers and Tiaras.”

He began talking with one of the mothers who asked him where he was going without realizing that they were both going to the same destination.

“Do you know how bad your flight has to be in order for you to want your plane to crash?” Hofstetter said.

This was one of several topics Hofstetter touched upon during his stand-up performance in the PUB MPR on Feb. 7.

Hofstetter, a comedian and writer for publications like Maxim and Sports Illustrated, talked about several instances he had with the Transportation Security Administration, including a time when one of the flight attendants walked over and told him he could not have a pillow in the exit row.

“She asked ‘What if someone’s running across to get out? [And] I told her ‘I’ll let them step on my pillow,’” Hofstetter said. “I’m not a monster.”

According to Eagle Entertainment adviser Berto Cerrillo, Hofstetter had called him a year before in hopes of adding on an extra performance to his Seattle run.

They continued to be in contact and Cerrillo received a call from the comedian’s agent who let him know that Hofstetter was doing a tour in the Pacific Northwest. The agent asked if there was an opening, which there had been after some performers Eagle Entertainment had booked did not fulfill their commitments.

“We had an open spot and Steve [Hofstetter] was available and I was happy that it worked out for both of us,” said Cerrillo. “The students responded well to him. I do appreciate the progressive blend of comedy because I think that is a good way to expand people’s minds and grow their thoughts a little more with a veil of comedy.”

Student Shantell Jackson appreciated how Hofstetter’s performance was both funny and educational.

“He talked about political stuff like the TSA and health,” Jackson said.

In addition to sharing his experiences on flights, Hofstetter talked about other subjects like the legalization of gay marriage and families with many children.

Hofstetter ended the performance by having a Q-and-A session with the audience where the person with the question that led into the best story or joke won a CD.

After telling the audience about his hobbies, his marital status and favorite movie, Hofstetter answered a fan’s question about the wildest show he had ever done, which was a performance for the Ku Klux Klan, which he did not know at the time.

“They told us some jokes and by jokes I mean racist theories,” Hofstetter said. “My friend was laughing, but not the ‘That was a good joke’ laugh, but the ‘Hey, we’re going to die’ laugh.”

EWU student Kate Zopolos enjoyed Hofstetter’s story about performing in front of the clan and being able to leave the bar without getting in a confrontation with the group.

After the show, Hofstetter met with fans and took pictures. He had a wonderful time performing in front of the many students who came to the show.

“It’s great that you guys come out in full force to support stand up,” Hofstetter said. “As a comic, sometimes you show up at a college and you’re playing to 20 people in a cafeteria, [but] this was an environment for a show. Great room, great show, … you really can’t ask for more than that.”