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President Cullinan resigns weeks after ‘vote of no confidence’

Former president Rodolfo Arévalo points out different faculty members to incoming president Dr. Mary Cullinan (2014)

By Randle Kinswa, Co-managing Editor

August 4, 2020

EWU President Mary Cullinan, the first female president of the university, resigned after a Board of Trustees meeting earlier this morning. In her closing statement, Cullinan said she was, "... honored to serve as Eastern Washington University's first female president," and that, "EWU is a valuable...

EWU faculty senate approves in favor of the vote of no confidence

EWU President Mary Cullinan

By Randle Kinswa, Co-Managing Editor

June 22, 2020

Earlier today the EWU Senate Faculty voted in favor of the vote of no confidence in President Mary Cullinan. The vote tally was 35-2, with four abstentions, and one absence. President Cullinan was upset with, yet respected the Senate Faculty's decision. She cited that the Senate Faculty had a right...

EWU president faces vote of no confidence

By Randle Kinswa, Co-managing Editor

June 21, 2020

The EWU faculty organization plans on holding a vote of no confidence on President Mary Cullinan at Monday's Faculty Senate meeting. In a memo sent out by members of the Faculty Senate leadership, up to 60% of full-time faculty rated Cullinan's performance in six of the seven areas as "lacking". The...

Senior feature: The story of a first-generation engineer

Senior feature: The story of a first-generation engineer

By Randle Kinswa, News Editor

June 11, 2020

Throughout his high school career, Miguel Calvillo pictured himself graduating and going right into the workforce as an electrician. In his senior year, though, a teacher convinced him to attend college. Calvillo decided to give EWU a try. At a school that prides itself on serving first-generation...

Senior feature: Future teacher, life-long animal lover

Hunter Sheffield holding a guinea pig for Sheffield Reptiles.

By Ben Blakney, Reporter

June 11, 2020

By the time retired United States Air Force airman Hunter Sheffield arrived in Eagle Territory, he carried with him the knowledge he'd gained while serving in Qatar and Afghanistan. Sheffield graduated from EWU in Winter 2020 with an Education degree and a Special Education minor. Born in San Diego,...

From a shy immigrant to a master’s degree holder- Raghda Al-Hmeyrat’s success story 

Raghda Al-Hmeyrat is graduating with a master's degree in English.

By Karlee Van De Venter, Reporter

June 11, 2020

Originally from Karbala, Iraq, a young Raghda Al-Hmeyrat sat in her third-grade classroom for the first time in Spokane. Looking around, she noticed many things: No one else was wearing a hijab, no one else spoke Arabic and everyone else was white.  Her twin brother, Saif Al-Hmeyrat, had to be in a different clas...

Senior feature: Finding passion: From bootcamp to biotech

Samual Hatfield (left) served in the U.S. Army Reserves

By Aaron Hutchinson, Reporter

June 11, 2020

Like many other young men and women, Samual Hatfield found himself adrift after high school. He was unsure of what he wanted to accomplish in life and uncertain that he had the skills to accomplish anything anyway. So Hatfield, born and raised in Spokane, did what many other confused young men and...

Wahlman finds a way through writing

Grace Wahlman's passion for writing led her to study technical communication.

By Star Dragon, Reporter

June 11, 2020

Grace Wahlman grew up in Lake Stevens, Washington, surrounded by nine older siblings, horses, chickens and a big, beautiful garden. When she wasn’t playing with her brothers and sisters, she would find herself writing about them. That is how Wahlman found her lifelong passion for writing. “I ca...

Marquez relies on work ethic to achieve goals

Gabrielle Marquez will attend Gonzaga law school on a full-ride scholarship.

By Lauren Reichenbach, Copy Editor

June 11, 2020

Many college students enjoy the leisure of driving to their local Starbucks, pulling out their laptop and quietly sipping a frappé while they check emails. Unfortunately, college life was not so leisurely for Gabrielle Marquez. Without internet at her house, Marquez ended up having to drive 45 min...

Carlson juggles classes, parenting and pursuit of psychology career

Miriam Carlson grew up in Kenya.

By Emily Driskel, Reporter

June 11, 2020

Being a full-time student in college and pursuing one major is difficult enough. Miriam Carlson, a future EWU grad, will not only graduate with two psychology degrees, but homeschools her two children and commits to volunteering in Spokane every day.  Carlson is receiving a B.S. in applied devel...

Senior feature: How steady Mason Peatling turned into Big Sky MVP Mason Peatling

Mason Peatling graduated Big Sky MVP and conference champion.

By Drew Lawson, Sports Editor

June 11, 2020

Mason Peatling has always had something to prove. Growing up playing basketball in Australia, he was never the first guy picked for an All-Star game or state team. But by the time he reached his senior year playing at EWU at the age of 23, he was the Most Valuable Player in the Big Sky Conference. “He...

Jamie Neely, head of EWU journalism department and faculty adviser to The Easterner, set to retire

Jamie Neely, head of EWU journalism department and faculty adviser to The Easterner, set to retire

June 8, 2020

Editor’s Note: From co-managing editors Drew Lawson and Malati Powell After over 25 years as a professional journalist and 12 years as a full-time professor at EWU, The Easterner’s faculty adviser, Jamie Neely, is retiring.  Neely, the head of the journalism department at EWU, was The Easterner’s faculty advis...

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