Police Beat


Graphic by Joseph Weeden

A faculty member’s tracking app failed to help police find his stolen iPad Mini.

By Claire Simpson, Copy Editor

March 30

10:20 p.m.


A faculty member reported that an iPad Mini was stolen from their briefcase in the Art Building earlier that day. His tracking app showed the device near Patterson Hall, but officers were unable to find it. There are no leads or suspects.


April 1

12:56 a.m.

Hit and Run

The owner of a red Mazda noticed two large scrapes on the right-side doors and the rear corner panel. The damage is estimated at $1,500. There are no leads or suspects.


April 3

12:13 a.m.


A student was cited with a minor in possession and obstructing a police officer when officers were called to his Pearce Hall dorm. They found him drinking with a group of non-Eastern students. The others were referred to Student Rights and Responsibilities.


April 3

7:00 a.m.

Traffic Violation

An officer stopped a vehicle at the intersection of Fifth Street and D Street, where the driver had failed to come to a complete stop. In addition, his license was suspended in the third degree. The driver was cited for driving with a suspended license.


April 3

11:40 p.m.


Three intoxicated students were found in Dressler Hall, one of whom was very ill and had to be transported to Deaconess Hospital in Spokane. They were referred to Student Rights and Responsibilities.