Police Beat: Drive-by shots

By Isaiah Gessner, Social Media Director


Cold Assault Near Campus (2/23/22)

A cold assault was reported on 900 block and Elm Street near campus. According to police, somebody (likely a student) shot at somebody. There were no injuries reported and it was not called in at first due to the woman being in shock. It was a dark gray/black vehicle that drove by in which there were no sounds heard around the neighborhood. An orange tip was found on a bullet but no gun was ever seen. 

If anyone has any information on this subject please contact the Cheney Police Department. 

Graffiti Reported In JFK Library (2/25/22)

Malicious Mischief was called in at the JFK library when graffiti was spotted all over the restroom inside of the building. No suspect has been found as of now according to the police. 

Student Helped Off Campus (2/27/22)

An officer helped to assist a student who had too much to drink and returned them to their residence off campus. The student was over the legal age to drink. 

Pitbull Around Campus (3/1/22)

There was a morning call made to the police on March 1st when a pitbull was spotted wandering around the campus. Scraps was able to locate the dog and run it back to its residence where it then began to get more aggressive. The dog was able to escape its home due to a rip in the fence.