Police Beat: Students frightened, robbed and breaking books shelves?!

By Isaiah Gessner, Co-Managing Editor

5/17/22 Damages in JFK Library 

A report was called in to the police as it was noticed that someone had broken shelves and table legs within the library. This was the second instance as it has also happened in mid April earlier this year. If you have any information, please feel free to contact local law enforcement.

5/21/22 Scare For Students Watching Sunset

People were watching the sunset in Parking Lot 12 on campus when a group of people drove up with black masks and frightened the people prior to them speeding off. Nothing happened after the fact but it was deemed as a suspicious circumstance by authorities. 

5/21/22 Liquor Violation in Streeter Hall 

Police were called to Streeter hall around 9:30 PM when it started out as a liquor violation. One of the students reported their alcohol was stolen by someone else and they wanted to figure out who and how it happened. The students eventually discovered it was labeled as the lowest form of theft as further charges were not pressed.


5/22/22 Fire alarm in Streeter Hall

A fire alarm was set off within Streeter Hall around 10 PM as someone left food on the stove and the smoke ended up setting the alarms off. The fire team came and took care of it and got rid of the fire before it caused any serious damage.