The Police Beat Returns!

The Police Beat Returns!

By Isaiah Gessner, Managing Editor

The police beat makes its return to The Easterner in a week that features an egging to the art building, a variety of civil issues handled, and more. 

February 5th

At roughly 6 AM the blue light on campus to signal  911 as a phone emergency service near the art complex was triggered. Nothing was found to be in the area when police moved to the scene. 

February 6th

Civil stand-by involving the police at the dorm as students moved out. Were there to “keep the peace” to prevent the situation from getting out of hand. 

During the afternoon a few people off campus were complaining about who was and wasn’t on the lease at the time. It was determined by police that no crime had taken place and it was deemed a civil issue. 

A bicycle was stolen outside of Pearch Hall and has not been returned to the owner at this point. 

February 7th

A reporting of sexual assault was reported by a student to the police on campus. The victim had said that it happened a few months ago as the two had met over a dating app. After talking to a few of her friends about the situation she felt as if it was non-consensual and filed a report. These allegations were said to take place at a dorm that is not to be named as the situation is currently under investigation.

The fire alarm at Streeter Hall went off due to smoke from a stove with oil. There was no fire and the situation was taken care of quickly.

February 8th

Cheney PD assisted in an argument where the two parties had to be separated. Nobody was hurt and the situation was taken care of. 

A drug call was reported in the Snyamncut dorms with people smoking marijuana. When officers arrived nobody was found in the area. 

Officers responded to a collision near Washington street. There were no injuries and the people involved were able to handle the accident. 

Entrance 1 to the music building was egged which caused a bit of damage. There is no timetable as to when it happened but it likely took place over the previous weekend.