From the dark of winter to the hope of spring


Keri Kelly

Students are allowed to interact closer than six feet apart and with out social distancing.

By Keri Kelly, Co-Managing Editor

Winter quarter tends to be a dark quarter for many students as they begin to face the dreary weather with no Christmas lights to brighten their lives. During these cold months EWU was hit by a new round of COVID-19. The Omicron variant threatened to shut down the social activities that students had dreamed of for the past year.

But as a community, Eastern persevered. Classes continued, clubs gathered and life went on. Students began to find solace in friendships they made in the PUB. 

The Recreation Center began to fill as more students flocked to the gyms, rock wall and ice skating rink. Eagle Entertainment offered paint nights and karaoke for students to enjoy.

Even Eastern graduates are offered the chance to walk in a live commencement, something that Eastern has not seen for two years. Many express excitement at getting to receive their diplomas in person.

Eastern also welcomes our incoming president, Dr. Shari McMahan. As EWU’s President, she hopes to encourage first generation students to pursue higher education.

The campus is hopeful like never before. On March 12, Interim President David May lifted the university’s mask mandate. Students finally could see each other’s faces after two years.

I found it strange yet exciting to see students smiling. No longer were the friendships we made virtual, but they were real. Tangible. It is difficult to believe that a year ago students were not even on campus, let alone wearing masks and social distancing.

Some are still cautious. After two years they have the right to be. After all, we lived in the “new normal”. What happens when we have the chance to go back to the “old normal”? Eastern will encounter new challenges as students learn what it means to be an Eagle in this old sense.

But now as we head into Spring Break, students await the coming joys of the next quarter. Just as winter ends, the hope of spring blossoms on the campus at EWU.