Mask mandate set to be lifted on March 12th



Some students may have concerns about lifting the mask mandate.

By Keri Kelly, Web Editor

Interim President David May announced to the EWU community that the COVID-19 mask mandate will be lifted for all students and faculty on campus. Starting March 12, students may enter EWU buildings without a facial covering. 

EWU is confident that the spread of COVID-19 is passing and that students will be safe due to the high vaccination rates on campus. “We have seen case rates on campus continuing to fall to levels that are currently near zero,” says David May, Interim President. 

With such news, some students may be nervous about the discontinuation of masking on campus. “ Given all that we have experienced since March 2020, we are hopeful that those who continue to mask and take additional safety measures will feel supported by those around them,” says May. “Likewise, for those that opt to discontinue wearing masks, we hope you will feel welcome throughout campus.”

May ends his announcement by reinforcing that the COVID-19 vaccine is what enabled this transition to happen and that students and faculty should respect each other’s concerns around masking.

Students can access the full document through their student email.