URC hosts Broomball and Disco night on Feb. 18th


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Broomball is similar to hockey except it is played with shoes and a broom.

By Keri Kelly, Web Editor

This year the URC is holding a few different events on February 18th. Not least of these events is the Broomball tournament and the Disco Inferno events. Both of these are held on the ice skating rink at the center of the URC.

But what is Broomball? Ahmad Ambon, an employee at the URC said, “I feel like it’s similar to hockey, just with shoes on and a stick.” Students will keep their shoes on during the game. The game will be played after an open skate when the ice isn’t too slippery.

Ambon also mentioned that the broomball game is an “intramural style tournament.” Students will sign up online to compete against each other for the broomball championships. Students may register their teams on the EWU Recreation Center site.

After the Broomball tournament, Eagle Entertainment is holding a Disco Inferno skate night. Students are invited to dress up and pretend they are in the 80’s while skating on the ice. Jasmine Bautista, a URC Authorization Staff employee recounted the previous skate nights. “It was pretty fun dressing up and all that. People are very respectful.”

Community members also use the EWU ice rink in the URC. (Keri Kelly)

Other entertainments are offered for students who would like to spend some time off the ice. “Up in The Roost they have air hockey and other arcade games,” Bautista said. The URC employees even turn on the disco ball in the rink. “We got that disco ball on,” said Ambon. “They do it during the Halloween skate.”

The ice skating rink is kept open for students to use during the fall and winter quarters. Students may use the rink for hockey, stick and puck, figure skating or just plain old open skate. Bautista stated, “a lot of people come in and suit up in hockey gear-They have the space to practice in.” The rink is also utilized by Spokane hockey teams and local schools. “Hockey teams from Spokane will use the arena to play”, said Bautista. 

After winter quarter the employees have to drain the rink. Ambon stated, “End of March we melt it.” He recounted how the melting stage takes two weeks. Then they have to clean the concrete and place floor boards on the rink. This process turns the ice rink into a double basketball court. As for now, students still are able to enjoy their beloved ice skating rink.