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How to stay in shape while quarantined

How to stay in shape while quarantined

April 21, 2020

With the URC closed for the rest of the academic year, many students are trying to find the best home workouts to stay in shape and keep their spirits up while quar...

The annual drag show this year was Burlesque themed.

Drag night at EWU

March 3, 2020

Glitter sparkled in the neon lights as the 22nd annual Drag Show took place in the EWU URC Friday. The queens shook things up with a Burlesque theme...

EWU EPIC Adventures Director, Chris Hoppe | Photo courtesy of EWU

Hoppe wins epic award for EPIC work

February 8, 2018

The NASPA NOW Professional Recognition award is given to new professionals and graduate students who have had an impact on the student affairs professi...

Students Do Not Use What They Pay For

By Kassandra J. Clark, Faith J. Mehal, Jake D. York, EWU Students

March 10, 2015

Dear Editor, Every quarter, each full-time undergraduate at Eastern pays $65 toward a recreation fee. In return, students gain “free” access to the campus gym and recreation center. Along with this $65 fee comes a great frustration. The recreation fee is automatically accounted for in all students’ fees and tuition; however, not all students use the facility that they...


Gym germs generate concern over hygeine

March 7, 2014

  If you work out at the URC Fitness Center at Eastern, you may be picking up more than your average hand weight while exercising. Germs and viruses are right ...

Photo by Sam Sargeant
Yasser Mohammad tests for a foot hold, as he scales the rock climbing wall at the URC.

Campus recreation climbs in options

November 18, 2013

  EWU campus boasts two recreational facilities. The URC has around 2,000 students visiting daily, but many students do not know the URC is not their o...

Condom-Mania information fits all purpose

Condom-Mania information fits all purpose

February 22, 2013

While there were initially many giggles, blushes and rolled eyes, students walked away from Condom-Mania either having a fun time playing the games or learning more...

Letter to the Editor: URC should extend hours to cater to students' needs

Letter to the Editor: URC should extend hours to cater to students’ needs

January 30, 2013

    Photo by: Dylan Paulus A student’s schedule can range from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Friday. School and work can fill a student...

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