Police beat: Here for “f”ood


A student changed the meaning of a sign on campus.

By Isaiah Gessner, Social Media Director

2/11/22 Graffiti Spotted Near Roos Field

Graffiti was found on the eclectic billboard outside one of the parking lots at Roos Field on Washington Street. The graffiti is tagged with the phrase “Here for good”. However, the G was crossed out and replaced with an F so the tag also displayed “Here for food”. This still remains under investigation. 

2/11/22 Person Passed Out at URC

A custodian at the URC Fitness Center spotted a person passed out in the bathroom covered in his own vomit. The officers made first contact with the person prior to the medics arriving. The person was able to wake up on their own and refused to get transported. A friend of the person ended up helping the person and taking them home. This was likely associated with alcohol.

2/15/22 Another Fire Alarm Pull at Pearce Hall

Someone pulled the fire alarm at Pearce Hall again. Extending this streak into multiple weeks. Police state that this is happening very frequently and this remains under investigation. If you happen to know anything regarding the situation, please contact the local Police department if you have any information.

2/15/22 Four Students Caught Smoking Marijuana at Streeter Hall

CA’s in Streeter hall found 4 students smoking marijuana on the stairwell. The police were contacted and the students remained completely honest regarding the situation. No criminal charges were set but the students were warned and sent to SR. 

2/17/22 Suspicious Circumstance at the JFK Library

Possible damage was spotted on the first floor of the JFK library bathroom as there may have been attempted burglary in the building. The person likely attempted to go through Thomas Hammar. Nothing appears to be stolen. The situation remains under investigation and if you happen to know anything please contact the local authorities.