Old time favorite, The Roost is open for students!

By Jazmine Reed, Contributor


Pre-pandemic shut down, The Roost may have been a place of gathering for students. Or perhaps a place to socialize, unwind, or to inevitably see people fall while ice skating during a  meal. Now The Roost has reopened. But, there is a slight twist to operations. 

Currently The Roost is open but there are a few changes. Firstly ,there is no food or drink for sale. Maryssa Montejano, a recent EWU graduate, said for instance, when The Roost was open during her college experience she “would go everyday about 1-3 times.” But do not panic, it is not just an area to sit down. According to EWU Intramural Sports, “Students can use the golf simulator, the Nintendo switch which includes Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros, air hockey, and shuffleboard.”

When asked about the new operations, Maryssa claimed she would still be just as interested in visiting The Roost. She is delighted The Roost is open again, regardless of the absence of food or drink.

The Roost is open Monday and Tuesday 10am-6pm, Wednesday 12pm-6pm, Thursday and Friday 10am-3pm. According to EWU Intramural Sports, “A mask must be worn in the Roost. There is also hand sanitizer available if students need it.”

Although the everyday operations do not provide food or drink, according to The Roost page on the EWU website, there is an opportunity to host an event that includes catering if needed.