Virtual Commencement


By Emily Driskel, Reporter


On April 12 and 13, the EWU Eagle Store held a grad fair for students regarding virtual commencement and other senior events. Representatives from the EWU Eagle Store, Josten’s, the Registrar’s Office and EWU Alumni were present. The Zoom meeting on April 12 covered cap and gown info, announcements about rings, commencement and how to stay connected with EWU after seniors graduate. 

Here are the important facts talked about in this meeting: 

    • Caps and gowns can be purchased through the EWU Eagle Store. 
    • Alumni/grad students get 25% off the EWU Eagle Store.
    • Class rings can be purchased on
    • Students graduating in Fall 2020-Spring 2021 are involved in graduation.
    • When students immediately graduate, they become EWU alumni. To stay involved, check out the alumni website 
    • Graduates are able to share the commencement link with other guests on June 12.
    • The format of the ceremony is different than Spring 2020, staff is still working on the details 
    • Emails will be sent to students with more information as the commencement date gets closer 
    • For getting a master’s degree, students need to contact the graduate program office.
    • Undergraduate students can refer to the Steps to Graduate canvas course. 
    • Double majors get one diploma while double degrees get two separate papers. 
    • Commencement will be broken down by college, lasting a little over an hour and there will be messages from the president, provost and other faculty members.

More information will be posted as June 12 approaches. Email will be the main source of communication, and updates will be sent there or posted on the commencement website.