Letter to the Editor: URC should extend hours to cater to students’ needs



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Photo by: Dylan Paulus

A student’s schedule can range from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Friday. School and work can fill a student’s entire week depending on their employment and class schedule. The administration and all those who run the recreation center need to take into consideration how busy a student’s schedule can be. The recreation center should be open longer in order to accommodate those students who can’t find time during the day.

Some students can only find free time at night to do anything productive, including physical fitness. The recreation center and administration who governs the hours of the gymnasium should be more open minded to this problem and should accommodate these students by having the gym open until 1 a.m. An extension of the rec center hours would be an easy solution that wouldn’t create too much controversy or additional problems.

However, due to the possible unknown dangers of night, the recreation center would call for higher security, resulting in more staff and students who will have to work later hours. In addition, the administration and recreation center may call for a higher fee which may be a problem to some.

We believe the majority of students would be fine paying a little extra every quarter. We also think a good way to increase security would be developing some form of security system where students would have to swipe their cards in order to enter the gym. There are enough students looking for jobs that it wouldn’t be too hard trying to find some to cover a night shift. This may be seen as a silly, unnecessary idea to some including the administration and recreation center staff, but we believe a good portion of Eastern Students would support this proposal to extend the recreation center hours to 1 a.m.


Dalton M. Reilly

Kendra C. Reilly

Daniel J. Johnson

Kevin R. Raugust

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