Karlee Van De Venter: writing history

By Grant Wengeler, Reporter


Karlee Van De Venter is an EWU student, and reporter for The Easterner. Scheduled to graduate July of 2021, her major is in news editorial journalism, and she’s minoring in political science. 

When asked about her hobbies, Van De Venter speaks joyously of reading and writing. She’s been writing for fun since a very young age. 

“I have been writing my entire life” Van De Venter said, “Instead of coloring and drawing and stuff as a kid I would fold the paper up and make little books.”

She attributes her desire to pursue a career in journalism to her lifelong enjoyment of writing. In addition to reading and extensive writing, Karlee enjoys all kinds of music. 

“I end up listening to R&B and Indie Rock the most,” said Karlee, “I can’t get into country music at all.”

Karlee describes herself as more of an indoor person, and enjoys gaming in her free time. 

“I get all my games on steam mostly,” Karlee said, “I’m trying to branch out and play more RPG’s and stuff.” “I LOVE Skyrim.”

Karlee doens’t currently live with any pets, but does have a dog named Shadow who lives with her parents in Yakima, where she’s from. She also has an older brother and younger sister who both live in Yakima.

When describing her transition from young writer to adult journalist Kaylee explains that “[a] career should be a good balance of enjoyment, and being good at it.” 

When asked about her favorite quote of all time, Karlee responded with “well-behaved women seldom make history.”