Editorial: Special senior issue well under way

By Drew Lawson, Sports Editor

Did you know EWU’s commencement will be virtual? 

If not, you’re either living under a rock, or you don’t follow The Easterner on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

As reported in an editorial a couple weeks ago, The Easterner is partnering with MarCom to publish a special senior issue as part of commencement. That special issue is being worked on right now by all our staff, and we’re all excited for the final product. Here’s what each staff member will be bringing to the table as part of this collaboration. 

Co-managing editor/multimedia director Malati Powell is heading up the design and multimedia process of this issue. She’ll be designing the print copy while overseeing our digital and web team and collaborating with writers to produce graphics relevant to their content. 

Website editor Keri Kelly will be posting all the content to theeasterner.org and our Issuu platform. Kelly will also be doing any necessary illustrations for the issue and designing a special EWU crossword puzzle for our print copy. 

Social media editor Isaiah Gessner has been busy promoting this issue on our digital platforms and is working on getting in contact with the popular “EWU Confessions Guy” to try and secure exclusive “confessions” from EWU seniors. 

All eight of our regular writers will be producing feature articles on an outstanding EWU senior. Most of us will also be producing an additional form of content. 

I’ll be featuring men’s basketball standout and Big Sky MVP Mason Peatling, as well as writing a special editorial to be featured in our print copy.

News editor Randle Kinswa is writing about electrical engineering major Miguel Calvillo, who has an amazing story about overcoming obstacles to tell. Kinswa is also working on a timeline covering the last four years at EWU, trying to hit the highlights of what graduates might have experienced in their time as Eagles. 

Copy editor Lauren Reichenbach is featuring Gabrielle Marquez, who is graduating early and will be attending Gonzaga law school on a full-ride scholarship. Reichenbach is also going to be interviewing EWU alumni for an “Alumni Advice” piece. 

Reporter Karlee Van De Venter is writing about Raghda Al Hmeyrat, a technical communications graduate. Van De Venter is also compiling various “Top 5” lists for our print copy.

Star Dragon, another reporter, is featuring Grace Wahlman, an English department standout who is receiving the Frances B. Huston award. Dragon is also working on a compilation of seniors’ best memories at EWU. 

Graduates can still celebrate their accomplishments, albeit not at the Spokane Arena. Reporter Ben Blakney is working on a piece featuring tips on how to celebrate commencement virtually. Blakney is also writing a feature on Hunter Sheffield, a graduate with a fascinating story to tell. 

Reporter Emily Driskel will feature Miriam Carlson, a psychology graduate who is receiving two degrees in the field. Driskel is also writing about how seniors’ plans have changed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Aaron Hutchinson, our final reporter, is telling the story of Samual Hatfield, a military veteran with a long list of impressive accomplishments. 

Finally, our trusty photographer Mckenzie Ford will be taking any pictures needed for this final issue. 

We’re excited for our readers and graduates to see this issue. Stay tuned to theeasterner.org for more content throughout spring quarter as commencement approaches.