Lauren Reichenbach- Lover of the Outdoors

By Emily Driskel, Reporter


Born in southern California, Lauren Reichenbach moved eight times before finally ending up in Colville, WA. She has lived in Colville since she was ten years old. After doing Running Start for two years, Reichenbach started college at George Fox University in Oregon. Finishing up her first year there, she decided that George Fox was too far away and wanted to transfer to a school closer to home. And that is how she ended up at EWU. 

Growing up, she spent more time living in the country than spending time in large cities; therefore, her love of nature started as a child. 

Her passion is spending time outdoors, especially hiking. She started hiking her senior year of high school. 

“I just fell in love with it,” said Reichenbach. “But I’m big into hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, riding horses, pretty much anything outside.” 

One of her favorite places to hike is the North Cascades. Reichenbach said she wants to go on every hike the park had to offer. 

On a recent trip to Utah, she experienced a hike through a slot canyon. 

 “That was one of the coolest experiences ever, and I definitely recommend doing a slot canyon,” said Reichenbach. 

Locally, Reichenbach said Indian Painted Rocks was one of her favorite spots to visit, especially for sunsets. The Rocks of Sharon is another highlight of Spokane for her. 

When she is not hiking, Reichenbach enjoys photography, reading memoirs, sleeping, and eating, editing and grammar.

After she graduates this year, Reichenbach’s dream job would be traveling the world as an exploring journalist for National Geographic. 

“I just want to go everywhere and take pictures of everything,” said Reichenbach. “That’s the goal.”