Editorial: The Easterner thanks EWU for their support

By Isaiah Gessner and Keri Kelly

Another year at Eastern finds its conclusion. The weather gets warmer, the students stop checking Canvas everyday to see what assignments they have, and sunscreen awaits people on the upcoming horizon.

We started off spring with a handful of momentous events for eastern students. The shutdowns finally came to a close as students were allowed to remove the face masks they wore for almost two years. Immediately, the war in Ukraine began. EWU banded together in solidarity for those overseas in the form of support groups, concerts and campus action for those who suffered from this tragedy.

EWU also was given the opportunity to say goodbye to David May. He stood strong for the school during the pandemic and the rising financial crisis at EWU. In turn we are able to give a warm welcome to EWU’s new president, Shari McMahan.

For the Easterner, the conclusion of the 2021-2022 school year offers a reflection period and a breath of fresh air after having yet another year attempting to return back to normalcy from COVID-19 and some of its fallouts.

Student life has become gradually more vibrant as COVID-19 has come to an end. (Emily Powers)

Just like every other business, The Easterner has had to find ways to navigate such a hectic time. We pride ourselves as a student newspaper on our ability to adapt. Shifting from a weekly physical paper to navigating a world of online articles.

Adaptation is something that everyone has had to learn within these past few years. Throughout all of the highs and lows that we have experienced – producing articles that can inform the Cheney community while also balancing articles that allow students to get away from the hectic nature of the world is something that we find very important. 

We have experienced such joy interviewing students over the past year. It is unbelievable how many eyes light up at every interview, how many people ask when our articles are posted. The support from the students at the university has been unbelievable. As long as The Easterner is around, we are pleased to give the student body a voice.

We thank you for your time and attention that you give to The Easterner. No matter if it’s an individual article or reading every weekly publication – thank you.