Police Beat: Suspicious activity brewing

By Isaiah Gessner, Social Media Director

1/26/22 Disorderly Person in EWU’s URC

A subject refused to wear a mask in the URC while working out in the gym after being asked by workers. The subject then got verbally aggressive according to police and started calling people who were there “Nazi’s” and “Bitches”. The police were called as the subject continued to get more aggressive with the staff. There was ultimately no arrest made but the person was referred to EWU. 

1/28/22 Suspicious Person Outside of the URC

A person was seen roaming outside of the URC late at night. There were no arrests made but it seemed to have been something attached to a mental health crisis. 

1/30/22 Alleged Gunshots Near Campus

A suspicious circumstance was reported near Elm and North 9th street as gunshots were reportedly heard by a resident in the area. Police ended up investigating the situation by asking people in the area if they had heard or saw anything but nobody else heard the gunshots or any noise around the situation. 

1/31/22 Suspicious Circumstance Near Lofts 

A suspicious circumstance was seen near the 101 street lofts as a man was spotted with a rifle outside of the loft complex. When police arrived, the man was not there. According to police, the man was gone by the time the officers ended up arriving.