ASEWU talks projects and progress in bi-monthly council meeting

ASEWU talks projects and progress in bi-monthly council meeting

The ASEWU held a council meeting Oct. 10 in the PUB Fireside Lounge to update the public on their current projects and accomplishments and to hear about projects and events from guest speakers.

Vice President for University Advancement Mike Westfall gave an update on the Gateway Project. The project includes a “campus-centric” multi-purpose building to be located on Washington Street near Roos Field. It would include a plaza with retail options, an academic success center, concessions and suites for watching the football games.

“Washington [Street] divides campus. We want Washington to unify campus,” Westfall said. Plans and initial designs have been drawn up, but Westfall emphasized that right now the project is still in its brainstorming phase.

Journalism professor emeritus Steve Blewett spoke to council members about the Associated Press’s event next month where students are hired to process vote returns and answer calls from stringers. Eastern is the only university in the nation taking part in this event.

“It really puts EWU on the map,” Blewett said. It gives students the opportunity “to be part of something historic.”

The executive members of ASEWU gave reports on what they are currently working on. interim President Becca Harrell has been busy with the Learning Commons.

“If you haven’t, go check it out. It’s awesome,” she said. “We all made a presence at that for the ribbon cutting ceremony, and also myself and Kylie Chapman of Academic Affairs sat in on another meeting on Monday regarding how it’s going and what steps they’re taking next. There’s going to be a couple phases, so what you see now is not permanent. So if you have any input about anything you like, you don’t like, you’d like to see changed, feel free to contact Kylie Chapman. She’ll make sure that your ideas get pushed forward.”

Finance Vice President Markus Hammond has made progress on ASEWU’s goal of obtaining a fitness facility for Riverpoint students.

“I was actually able to set up some meetings and conference calls with Julie [Greeley], the director of Oz Fitness in Spokane,” Hammond said. “We’ve been talking through what needs to happen in terms of policies, funding, et cetera. … They already have a program set up, so all we’d have to do is just tag right along.”

Shelby Pelon of legislative affairs discussed the success of the first Rock the Vote event.

“We’re very happy to report that we registered 670 new voters, which beat our goal of 500 by 170. I’m very proud of our team,” she said.

The council voted unanimously to approve their temporary office hours. They also voted to approve $3,518.62 for promotional items, like tumblers and backpacks, that they have been giving away.

The council members also appointed students to the Student Disciplinary Council, Public Relations Committee, ASEWU Diversity Committee and the Student Health Advisory Committee.

The next ASEWU council meeting will take place Oct. 24 at 3:45 p.m. in the PUB Fireside Lounge.