Police Beat: Pierce faces bathroom crisis


The bathroom sinks were lifted up at Pierce Hall.

By Isaiah Gessner, Social Media Director


Bathroom Sinks Lifted Off Counter (10/21/21)

Miscellaneous mischief was reported at Pearce Hall in the men’s bathroom on floor 8 as all of the bathroom sinks were lifted off the counter. The bathroom was reported to be flooding from the damages. If you know anything about the situation, please contact detective Robert Schmitter at (509) 359-4887. 

Disorderly Student at Sutton Hall (10/20/21)

A student was reported for disorderly conduct at Sutton Hall as they swore at workers and raised their voice. The police were called as the situation began to escalate. Nobody was arrested but the student was reported to the university. 

Reckless Driver in Cheney (10/18/21)

A reckless driver was arrested at 5AM on Washington 904 in an unmarked car for speeding at 110 MPH. The driver was cited and released.

Reese Court Sign Removed (10/18/21)

A parking sign was removed on the Northeast corner of Reese Court building and was reportedly found outside on the grass of one of the athletic offices.