Old-school artwork promotes student causes

Old-school artwork promotes student causes

By Rebekah Frank

Cause Action Day is on March 17. Graphic by Vania Tauvela
Cause Action Day is on March 17. Graphic by Vania Tauvela

The tools are out in the EWU printmaking class as groups prepare their projects to promote their causes on Cause Action Day, March 17 from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Printmaking is the design and creation of prints with woodcuts or fine mesh screens called silkscreens. Students will design an image with whatever material they choose to use as a template and will print the image onto posters, T-shirts or buttons, all by hand.

EWU adjunct professor Austin Stiegemeier assigned his senior class to come up with a fictitious cause to promote on campus through publicity packages on a fictitious day called Cause Action Day which is March 17.

The class split into four groups and each were tasked with inventing a cause. This cause could be serious, ironic or comedic. The goal, according to the assignment handout, is to affect the community immediately around them.

EWU senior Taylor Doran and his teammates Thomas McMicheal and Victoria Deleon, decided their cause would be bringing the Olympics to Cheney in 2022. Their campaign involved new “sports” that they feel should be considered athletic such as mutton busting, hay bale lifting and cliff diving.

The group is promoting their event all by hand. “Everything is done through printmaking, so nothing is digital,” said Doran. They will be located in between the URC and Louise Anderson Hall on Cause Action Day.

Another group included EWU seniors Lauren Campbell, Kelly Lafferty and Kiefer Jones named their project “Peaceful Poops.” The idea behind this is that pooping is a private event that nobody else should have to know about unless that person would like them to.

The group will be using stickers to show which bathroom stalls have been peaceful poops certified and will give out information about which bathrooms have the least activities and at what times.

This group will be located in the campus mall. Campbell said they will even be making flags to hand out so that when two students are in the “awkward showdown” while they are both trying to do their business, they can hand over the white flag under the stall. This will be the signal of a truce and the students will be able to progress forward peacefully.

In addition to that, Campbell said they will teach “toilet yoga.” The yoga moves will “make that process easier, … and enhance flow.”

One group in the printmaking class also has a cause associated with the student body, but in a less personal way. Anna Hulse, Charlie Murchy, Karrie Cooper and Elyce Cutshall have created their own drink with no caffeine, sugar or calories. They are calling it “Life Pep.”

“It’s an alternative to coffee and stuff that will help give students an energy boost during finals,” said Hulse.

The group will be outside the JFK Library handing out free samples during Cause Action Day and asking people to take the pledge to not drink caffeine. Those who do take the pledge will receive buttons that the group has made.

The last group consisting of Daren Smith, Joseph McMichael and Autumn Klotz, are going to be walking around the PUB on Cause Action Day handing out free samples of their healthy alternative to processed food.

“We have seen too many unhealthy and expensive food options, and through our food avenue, which we call Pulps, we plan to bring a new alternative source of food to EWU,” said Smith.

The point of this project is to encourage the students to let their voice be heard amongst members of the community.

“It challenges them to find their voice, have confidence and express an opinion, exercising their 1st amendment rights, even if their organizations are fictitious. In this way, the work becomes social interactive and performative,” said Stiegemeier.