How the electric bill stole Christmas


Keeping warm without raising the electric bill

Oh the weather outside is frightful and being warm can be delightful, but once that electric bill comes, the money in students’ wallets will go, go, go.

Luckily for students who live on campus, they do not have to pay the electric bill. Instead, according to Josh Ashcroft, chief housing director, Housing and Residential Life pays for all utilities.

Ashcroft said that the funds to pay for utilities come from housing rates that students pay to live on campus.

“However, we do not charge students additional costs if we have bad weather and our heat/utility bill goes up,” said Ashcroft.

So to those who live on-campus, disregard this article and crank the heat up.

For those students who live off-campus, however, here are some tips that may help with that Grinch of an electric bill.

According to building official Bill McClure of Cheney’s building permits and construction department, students should keep their thermostat at 62 or 63 degrees while they are not home, and then turn the heat up when they are.

McClure said that though students will pay to keep it at 62 or 63 degrees, the cost of raising the temperature up is less than it would be if students kept the heat off while they are out and then turn it up when they are home.

Making sure that there are no air leaks around doors and windows is another tip that McClure had. This will keep cool air from coming in and warm air from escaping.

Madison Babb, a junior who lives at home in Spokane Valley, suggests that students use oil lamps.

“[They are] like the equivalent of a space heater,” said Babb.

Babb said that these lamps will put out a lot of heat and that the oil for them is really inexpensive. Also, because the wick and oil are enclosed, oil lamps are also safe to use.

Other options for keeping warm without raising the electric bill may include keeping extra blankets and a dresser full of socks and warmer clothing.

Students who live off-campus and pay bills should not let it ruin their festivities this holiday season. Getting creative toward staying warm can assist in keeping those bills under control.