EWU Dining offers different tastes

By Paul Sell, Staff Writer

Swoops allows its customers to choose ingredients to go on their sandwiches. Photo by Evan Sykes
Swoops allows its customers to choose ingredients to go on their sandwiches. Photo by Evan Sykes


Whether it is the tangy and exotic wok bowls at the Roost or the simplistic yet satisfying chicken strips and fries at Baldy’s, Eastern students have a plethora of choices to choose from for lunch.

So much so that it can be difficult to keep track of the many dishes offered on campus and the cost of each meal. The best way to do so is by running through the many options Eastern has to offer and select the tastiest lunches.

One location that many students visit for lunch is Swoops with their selection of sandwiches, soups, fries and burritos. Some students, like Megan Weyrauch, believe that Swoops offers the best Mexican food on campus through their burritos.

“I get so much out of just one burrito and I feel like I don’t need to eat for the rest of the day,” said Weyrauch. “It also helps that their burrito is less than $5, so I love it.”

Swoops also offers a wide variety of sandwiches that have stuck with several students, such as their grilled cheese sandwich and chicken sandwich.

“[The grilled cheese] is so simple and effective,” said Kaitlyn Dige. “It tastes like something you’d make at home by yourself and not like other college food.”

This meal has made an impact with many students due to its cost of $2.49, making it one of the least expensive items on Swoops’ menu.

“You really can’t mess up grilled cheese,” said Alexis Lindeman. “Plus, it’s just fast and efficient. Great for a college environment.”

On the other hand, Swoops’ chicken sandwich offers customers one of the few opportunities on campus for crispy fried chicken, made even more delectable when put on a bun with cheese, lettuce and tomato for $4.75.

“I feel like [the chicken sandwich] is always fresh,” said Andrew Godinez. “It has just the right mix of flavor and crisp to it.”

As for other lunch possibilities Eastern has to offer, the Roost has become a popular restaurant with their atmosphere, locale and wide variety of food including burgers, pizza and wraps.

Yet the menu item that has become well-known among Eastern students is the Roost Burger. At $6.99, it offers a combination of meat, cheese, barbeque sauce and bacon, often served with fancy fries or onion rings.

“I didn’t even like burgers until I came to Eastern and had the Roost Burger,” said Tristan Graves. “It’s the perfect combination of flavors and is by far the best burger on campus.”

For vegetarian students, the Roost has that covered with their gourmet veggie pizza, with an assortment of vegetables and cheese, including spinach, olives, mushrooms and roasted garlic for $7.99.

“It’s the best vegetarian option on Eastern’s campus,” said Brooklyn Jones. “It really fills me up and is even better when I share it with my friends.”

The Roost also has an item that pleases both vegetarians and meat lovers with their pasta bowls, priced at $6.99, and allows students to make their own bowls to their liking, whether that includes chicken alfredo or fettuccine with artichoke hearts.

“I love their pasta bowls. They’re healthy and filling, but also light,” said Yuki Mizukoshi. “There is so much variety to enjoy.”

However, some people believe that the food offered on campus is of low quality, often greasy food from Swoops and overpriced items from the Roost, leading students to make their own lunch.

“The last time I ate campus food, I felt sick the rest of the day,” said Denise Olson. “I’m on a budget and can’t afford to pay for food that doesn’t even taste that good.”

Though Eastern offers students many different types of food to choose from through several restaurants, it ultimately comes down to what works for each student, their taste for college food and their budget.