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Not all new experiences make for a good time

September 26, 2013

A new year at college brings the opportunity to expand minds, take chances and experience new things. Students can be certain that there will be a variety...

The things we have been told are important are not what matter

June 7, 2013

  I have wanted to be a member of Phi Beta Kappa for a long time. This organization, which calls itself “a leading advocate for excellence in th...

Pride Center debates

Pride Center debates “Bat Boy” play

May 30, 2013

Written By Paul Sell Staff Reporter [email protected] Though many people who attended the EWU Theatre production of “Bat Boy: The Musical”...

Swoops allows its customers to choose ingredients to go on their sandwiches. Photo by Evan Sykes

EWU Dining offers different tastes

May 23, 2013

  Whether it is the tangy and exotic wok bowls at the Roost or the simplistic yet satisfying chicken strips and fries at Baldy’s, Eastern ...


Bat Boy takes over theater

May 16, 2013

Written By Paul Sell Staff Reporter [email protected] When I first heard about “Bat Boy: The Musical” my first thoughts were of a baseball play...


Stand up act brings laughs to EWU

May 9, 2013

When standup comedian K-von stepped up to the microphone and asked the audience how they were feeling, he was met with a timid and grumbling response from select members of the crowd. This only served as ammunition ...


Activist instills family values at Eastern

May 2, 2013

The atmosphere is light and friendly with banter and hugs as Zach Wahls approaches the EWU stage to discuss his life experience and position on the daunting issue o...


Instrument soothes and distracts

April 25, 2013

Written By Paul Sell Staff Reporter [email protected]   One of the most well known symbols of EWU is the large red and white grand piano located ...


Mysterious writing appears in restrooms

April 18, 2013

  Written By Paul Sell and Cori Olson For the Easterner   Eastern’s campus is not typically a scary place to be, but some of its bathrooms have stu...

From one end of campus to the other

From one end of campus to the other

April 11, 2013

Written By Paul Sell and Cori Olson [email protected] In the middle of a harsh winter quarter, Madeline Seacore faced a challenge that all EWU students dread:...


Eastern Atheists believe in friends and family

April 4, 2013

Written By Paul Sell Staff Reporter [email protected] A sense of family, friendship and camaraderie is one of the most appealing aspects of the Ea...

Final Exams: Study, Prepare, Survive

March 22, 2013

  Although we no longer have to hunt for food or defend ourselves against marauders, these skills still serve us well in the modern academic wilderness...

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