Mysterious writing appears in restrooms


Photo by: Aaron Malmoe There are several bathrooms on Eastern’s campus that hold hidden secrets.

Photo by: Aaron Malmoe
There are several bathrooms on Eastern’s campus that hold hidden secrets.


Written By Paul Sell and Cori Olson

For the Easterner


Eastern’s campus is not typically a scary place to be, but some of its bathrooms have students terrified of what might be lurking within the stalls.

The creepiest bathrooms on campus are located in some of the most commonly used halls and often leave students wanting to get their business done as quickly as possible.

One EWU student, Kree Anderson, believes the creepiest bathrooms on campus is on the second floor of Martin Hall.

“They’re always dark, and they’re always kind of empty,” said Anderson. “And there’s that wall right there so you can’t escape quickly.”

While the female bathrooms in Martin Hall might be dark and empty, the male latrines of the same building have sinks that with the slightest touch, will spray water like a geyser as if they are possessed by spirits.

Some of the buildings on campus were built long ago that Moaning Myrtle would feel right at home in them. Dripping faucets, cold carpet or dim lighting are just a few of the things that make these ancient bathrooms creepy.

EWU student Liz Fisk is creeped out by the hallway leading into the bathroom near the PUB Eagle Espresso and Smoothie Company.

“It’s [like] that little dark hallway in all those horror and murder movies,” said Fisk.

Other bathrooms on campus can be creepy for very simple reasons, such as writing on the door. Leading up to one of the male bathrooms on the first floor in the Science Building, the door says, “LE SE LUSH I AI.”

If a clear phrase was there once it has long since past and has given way to what sounds like another language.

The bathrooms in Showalter Hall have one specific detail that leaves students confused: couches.

“I think it’s so weird that the Showalter bathrooms have couches in them,” said Kara Mayernik, “I mean, who’s going to sit there when there’s only two stalls? I don’t get it.”

In addition to couches, Showalter Hall bathrooms also feature carpet. There is also unknown white stains on the brown tile floor.

In other buildings like Kingston Hall and Isle Hall, the bathroom lights will automatically turn on as a student walks through the door. In addition, Isle Hall and the Reid Lab bathrooms come equipped with water trickling down into a catch on the ceiling. After it is full, the water flows down to the urinals and toilets, triggering them to flush whether someone is using it or not.

In the bathrooms of the Reid Lab, which was once an elementary school, the stalls are half the size of regular ones while the toilets and sinks are closer to the ground.

“I use to go to elementary school there,” said Keanu Williams. “When I was little, we use to tell stories about how there were ghosts in the ceiling. It’s just weird to think that I was there a long time ago and how many little kids have used that bathroom before.”