Letter to the editor: Consolidate websites to ease student access


We feel there is an overload glitch in the technological requirements here at Eastern. Over time, we have heard students as well as faculty express frustration regarding how many different websites are required for satisfactory academia. There is Blackboard, Eaglenet and Eastern e-mail, which has proven challenging to set up initially for many. Each website has a separate username and password that needs to be updated regularly. While the technology accessible and used today is amazing in what the systems used at EWU can do, it needs a little more focus and clarity. We don’t find fault in any department specifically associated with EWU. We believe it is simply the rapid rate of new and improved Internet systems; it is difficult to keep up.

We propose that we as the intellectual educational facility that we are, research ways in which to consolidate all necessary websites into a more clear, comprehensive, user friendly single site.  There is, of course, the potential drawback of potential viruses, hackers or system lag from too many people logged into one site. Although we are confident that an ideal website exists that could support college community needs, we also know that we can organize a smooth transition into an individual site. As far as viruses, hackers and server overload complications, we see no more threat then the current system now. Our suggestion is to do our homework. We need to consolidate our needs as a college community into the right-one-size-fits-all website in order to improve successful communication and education between students and staff.

Sincerely, your non-tech savvy students.

Christine M. Silver 

Kailee N. Dunn

Andrew A. Briggs 

Katie R. Karisch

Taylor M. Simpson