Letter to the Editor: Tawanka needs to expand their menu to include more dietary options


As current students at Eastern Washington University we feel that the food options offered at Tawanka are lacking in quality variation. This
especially becomes apparent toward the end of each quarter as students’ meal plans get closer and closer to the zero mark.

Since Tawanka is the only all-you-can eat
buffet restaurant on campus it is where you can get the biggest bang for your buck. Unfortunately, not many students care to eat much food from Tawanka due to its lack in very minimal variety to choose from. For vegetarians and people on a gluten-free lifestyle there are some days where the only food offered at Tawanka that complements their lifestyle is raw fruit and raw vegetables. Students who want better quality food or who have stricter diets due to health reasons find themselves leaving hungry when eating at Tawanka. Students should be able to get proper nutrition from all restaurants on campus at Eastern.

Suggestions to improving the food quality at Tawanka would be for the food coordinators to find better quality ingredients for the food served at Tawanka. By doing so they would be able to change the menu options by adding more options for those who may be vegetarian or in need of gluten-free products. In addition, having a suggestion box for students to communicate to the food staff to provide feedback on what they do and do not like or offer suggestions for new meal ideas.

This change may cost a bit more to provide better quality food for the students at Tawanka. However it would definitely be worth it, the positive result to these changes heavily outweigh the extra cost of quality food. The customers would be happier and healthier!

Olivia L. Johnson 

Alexandra N. Mackleit      Chad J. Stiglitz