Letter to the Editor: Inconsistent University Grade Scale

Dear Editor,

As students, we acknowledge and respect our professors’ right to grade students appropriately, taking into consideration various factors including attendance, participation and overall academic knowledge. Grading scales, however, which may vary from professor to professor, can alter how our grades are perceived. The transfer of our class percentage into the form of a GPA is subjective and can portray multiple perspectives. We believe that the university allowing professors to choose and establish grading scales based on individual preference is an issue that should be addressed. We request enacting a standard for what is considered a 4.0, in relation to grade percentage, for all university professors to adhere by. We believe that this would be in the best interest in promoting equality among students. That way, we, as students, know what is to be expected in order to attain our desired academic goals. In addition, students would be less likely to choose and/or avoid particular courses based upon how their percentage would transfer into GPA. A consistent grading scale would also prevent discrepancies between students who notice the differences in expectations, especially the same course taught by separate professors within our university. To establish a standard grading scale would require cooperation among the faculty at Eastern, as well as perhaps having to re-evaluate and modify their existing grading standards. In this case, professors would no longer have the personal preference to choose how their students should be evaluated. From what we concluded, the average grading scale utilized by professors is a 95 percent and above grants a 4.0, which we see to be an agreeable and just grading standard. Overall, we believe that this is a practical request on behalf of all the students at Eastern Washington University.


Shelbea D. Bean

Christina M. Williams

Ryan M. Lewis

Lucas J. Boswell

Peter N. Kim

Erika J. Rivera