Letter to the Editor: Series Classes: Serious Setback

Dear Editor,

Many majors at EWU involve mandatory “series” classes, which are typically three consecutive courses only offered fall-winter-spring. We are bringing this issue to your attention because these series classes have troubled many students by not being able to get finish their major’s program in a timely manner. Whether it is because they transferred, switched majors or failed one of these classes, etc., it has caused a detrimental setback for many students.

According to http://www.nces.ed.gov, only 59 percent of full-time college students graduate within six years. Series classes contribute to these six-year graduation lengths. By restricting students to take required classes during certain quarters, it can cause students’ graduation dates to be set back, students to transfer or even switch majors.

It is the university’s responsibility to give students the resources they need to succeed and, by not offering a greater selection of courses, the university is responsible for students’ setbacks. There are various solutions: allow series classes to be year round — not just once a year — make series classes available twice a year, permit other classes to substitute for series classes or allow online course options.

We believe the university should offer series classes twice a year. Instead of the series only being available with the first class in fall, the second in winter and the third in spring, the university should additionally make the series available spring-fall-winter quarters. This would give the students the ability to graduate and get into/finish their major’s program in a timelier manner. Students would suffer a reduced amount of frustration with the university’s curriculum. One of the few disadvantages would be that this could cost the university more money and could be an inconvenience for the teachers. However, it is a small price to pay to ensure successful student graduation rates.



Nicole D. BranstetteR

Madeline A. Jacobson

Kara L. Magee

Annelise C. Wood