Letter to the Editor: International students need to speak up if they want to become bilingual

There are several things that a student who speaks English as the second language should put into consideration in order to be able to learn the language faster. Initially, the student should speak the language without fear. This is a serious problem that affects most students learning English because they think that when they speak, they speak wrongly. However, this is not so since the fastest way of learning anything is to keep practicing as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Additionally, such student should use various resources such as books, the Internet, magazine and friends in learning the language. Besides the fastest way to learn the language is to ensure that the surrounding environment is full of English. This can be through writing notes in English, listening to English songs, watch English movies, buy English books and speak English when hanging with family members or friends.

Remarkably, a student learning English as a second language can enhance the process by communicating with native speakers. This is imperative because their English flows naturally, hence enabling the learner to imitate, thus speeding the learning process. Moreover, the learning student should ensure regular exercises in the language by taking tests. Learners significantly benefit from tests because they make progress on every test that they undertake. The process can be efficient through recording the voice of the learner so that he or she can be comparing the records. Finally, a student learning English as a second language can speed the process through using the Internet. This is because it has free language courses, which help learners to measure their performances.

Habeeb Alhyrani