Letter to the Editor: Which is more important in your life for happiness: Your health, love or money? Why?

Editor’s note: These letters to the editor were submitted by EWU Spanish 305 classes.
They are presented in both English and Spanish in honor of Cinco de Mayo.

Nota del editor: Estas cartas al editor fueron presentadas por clases 305 españoles de EWU.
Se presentan tanto en Inglés y Español en honor del Cinco de Mayo.

I think that love is more important than your health or money because love is a type of medicine and love is priceless.

I have been in love one time in my life and it was the best two years of my life. When you are in love, you don’t care about money and don’t need money because you have the person who understands you in every way and money would not help you be happier. I agree that your health is an important component in the pursuit of happiness but I think that you take care of yourself very well when you are in love because you are very happy. They say “love is a drug” and this phrase is the truth. When you are in love it is a indescribable feeling, and a feeling that I hope I feel again in the future.

Alex Bassett