Letter to the Editor: Bribing students to vote?

Editor’s note: These letters to the editor were submitted by EWU Spanish 305 classes.
They are presented in both English and Spanish in honor of Cinco de Mayo.

Nota del editor: Estas cartas al editor fueron presentadas por clases 305 españoles de EWU.
Se presentan tanto en Inglés y Español en honor del Cinco de Mayo.


I learned the other day that Macklemore is performing at Eastern in May, and students can get priority seating by voting in the ASEWU general election coming up on May 7.

The concert, proposed last winter, has the goal of increasing participation in the upcoming election.  Voting is important, but I fear many students will vote only in order to get tickets without informing themselves, and that’s not the right reason why one should vote.

Up until I began writing this letter, I admit I did not know exactly what the responsibilities of student government were. I even voted in the elections last year, and for that matter I cannot say that vote was any better informed than the votes I am criticizing here. And also if not for the shame of confessing this I might not have been interested to find out.

However, even before I decided to write the letter I had decided that I was not going to miss the concert, nor was I going to let thirty seconds of clicking on the Internet keep me from better seats. In the end I informed myself, but only because I had to confess my ignorance. I fear I’m not alone by any means. Let’s hope I’m wrong, or let’s set up a confessional.


Eric Brazington