Letter to the editor: Smoking on campus

How unfortunate is it these days that even those of us who choose not to smoke still have to reap some of the consequences of secondhand smoke while walking to and from class?

Every day, we hear the complaints and coughs of students walking next to or behind a smoker. Cigarette smoke has an undeniable smell that travels many feet and, on occasion, the complaint can come in the form of a student having an asthma attack caused by the smoke from cigarettes. We do not blame smokers; the choice to smoke is yours. However, EWU needs to take action when it comes to policies concerning smoking on campus.

The 25-feet-from-any-entrance rule simply isn’t working or being enforced. Daily we see students standing propped up against a building and just inches from the door smoking cigarettes. The university should build designated smoking areas with cigarette-butt receptacles and ashtrays. The Eastern campus is compact enough to where, if built in three or four different areas of campus, students would be able to stop on their way to and from class and grab a quick smoke.

Not being able to smoke while walking on campus may or may not make these students late to class, and that is a consequence that they might have to accept in order to smoke. Students should have the right to smoke on campus, but students should also have the right to breathe completely clean, smoke free air on campus.


Amy L. McLean

Alyssa L. Mayfield

Dawn E. McGee