Letter to the editor: Campus events need more advertising

Events are happening everyday at Eastern Washington University, but it is difficult for us to know when and where these events are taking place.

The four of us are all current students at EWU and are all experiencing the same problem: where is the advertising? As students living off campus, it is frustrating to come to school and hear from a freshman living in the dorms about the beneficial experience they had at a school event the prior day. Our solution is to expand advertising throughout campus.

In general, there is a lack of community due to the advertising primarily taking place in areas like the PUB, dorms, and the Roost. It would not be difficult to expand advertisements throughout campus. Examples could include more walking advertisements such as balloons or buttons that students can wear around campus, designated areas specifically for advertising or a texting system similar to EWU Alerts, but for events.

It is the responsibility of the organization to promote the advertising of their events. Improving advertisements would trailblaze a path to a better sense of community and more campus involvement at the small price of time and money on the behalf of the event organizers. Not to mention that more attendance will lead to a greater profit for events. The positives far outweigh the negatives.

Overall, expanding advertisements would benefit the student body as a whole. We ask organizers to consider our proposal, ultimately leading to happier, more involved students.


Aunja M. Norland

Ashlee A. Odegard

Kei Nishimura

Kristen A. Pool