Letter to the editor: Distracted driving puts lives in danger

I am writing to urge all of you fellow drivers to please be responsible and do not text or talk on the phone while you are driving. It is as dangerous and deadly as drinking and driving.

Last Tuesday, March 12, at around 7:45 a.m., I was driving with my 13-year-old daughter on highway 904 between Cheney  and Four Lakes going north towards the freeway, when a car from the opposite direction swerved across the centerline and into my lane. In the split second my choices were to go head-on for a combined 90-plus miles of speed impact or drive off the road. With no room to maneuver, my instinct was to drive off the road to avoid the oncoming car. I drove off the road and my car rolled over a couple of times, totally destroyed. To my disbelief, the car that caused the accident drove off without stopping. It is believed that the driver was either texting or talking on the phone while driving.

I hope his or her conscience will help save his or her soul for the distress and burden that were added onto my families. It is criminal to run after causing such an accident. We are thankful for God’s grace in giving us a second chance in life. My message to you all who sit behind the driving wheel is to please be responsible for your actions. Think of your own parents, your siblings, your own children and your extended families who live around you.

Please pass this message on to all the EWU students and people you know who live or work in Cheney. Do not wait until it happens to you. Ask yourself; do you really need to reply to that text message or cell phone when you are driving?

Please drive safely.

Thank you!

Yabing Fisher