Letter to the editor: University should provide students more free parking on campus


We, as the students of Eastern Washington University would like to address the subject of parking on campus.

While there is no lack of property and places available, students shouldn’t have to pay so much extra just for the increase in convenience. For the people of Eastern who do not have the ability to afford the passes to park in the closer lots, they must resort to a disputable alternative, the lot at the far end of the campus. We believe that the EWU administration does not take into consideration the convenience and accessibility of more free parking for students. If Eastern is able to utilize the space more practically, provide more free spaces, or eliminate or even reduce the fee, students could be closer to their classes.

If students had closer free parking, we would be able to get to class in a timely matter. This would help better our learning by not disrupting class by frequently showing up late, therefore not receiving the full education we are paying for. Not only that, but it would prevent the congestion that is currently filling up the neighborhoods, where most of the students end up parking to be within a closer proximity to their classes. With having so many students’ cars in the residential area the neighbors are now dealing with our cars blocking accessibility. By creating more free spots the school would lose the money they make on selling passes. This lack of income is made up with the cost of tuition and the multitude of other fees every student pays. The issue of parking isn’t just for our convenience, but for the better of our education.


Alex V. Gustafson

Amanda M. Jakubik

Karly V. Kayler

Katrina L. Beilstein

Kelsey L. Green

Mimi B. Mulambo