Letter to the editor: Support small businesses, help local economy


As citizens of Cheney and students at Eastern Washington University, we cannot help but notice the closures of small businesses in this town. Small businesses are in a position to fail due to the presence of larger corporations and corporate franchises. With the recent closure of Ben Franklin and other specialty stores people have to drive 20 minutes to find what they need in Spokane. This results in profit being taken from a small community that needs it and hands your money over the big city. The goal should be to improve the local economy and keep small businesses from closing.

Small businesses are failing in Cheney because EWU students are enamored with name brands such as Safeway and Starbucks because of familiarity and prestige associated with those brands. Students are not looking at
alternative businesses which include Cheney Trading Company and the Mason Jar because they are simply not exposed to these businesses.

The city of Cheney and EWU have an exciting opportunity to work together to change the status-quo of big business. EWU students need to patronize small businesses in Cheney and the small businesses need to offer discounts and attractively market themselves to create customer loyalty. As more money stays in Cheney, it will create the higher probability and all citizens will benefit from new services, programs and entertainment.

Students and residents must work together to keep small businesses in Cheney and resist temptation to go to Spokane and big businesses. Cheney needs small businesses in order to prevent an economic collapse. We challenge the citizens of Cheney and students of EWU to stimulate the local economy by keeping your dollars in our great town. We have the opportunity to turn this town into more, spend your money here, Love local!


Kahla C. Noel 

Andrew D. Nelson

Marina S. Chibidakis

Steven J. Canty

Samuel R. Sargeant