Vegan students lack options

On a cold and wet Tuesday afternoon, I walked into Baldy’s, desiring a warm meal to recharge me for a long afternoon of homework. Unfortunately, the buffet section only offered me, a vegan student, a cold salad. Eastern Dining Services does not honor the dining choices of EWU’s diverse community, and it needs to change.

However, after talking to Director of Dining Services, David McKay, I realized that EWU Dining Services could accommodate to my dietary needs. The problems is Eastern vegans are not speaking up.

Eastern vegan eaters have as much right as other Eastern students to enjoy balanced, healthy meals. Our voices have been silent for too long. Don’t settle for a monotonous meal.

Let’s change the dining status quo for the better. The Dining Services is committed to serve and provide tasty and nutritional choices for our diverse dietary needs. Contact any Dining Services Manager and suggest a vegan menu and help support a vegan corner.

Vegan eagles stand proud of your commitment. Let’s pave the road for those to come.

After all, the worst
that can happen is that we have too much food to choose from!

Sherie Lynn Betances-Vela