Reaction to Oct. 31 opinion column

My gosh!

I have rarely seen someone from a newspaper hit the nail on the head in opinion! Kudos to you Mr. Harding; I have nothing to comment or add. The last paragraph summed up not only your piece but the philosophy of the duopolists in this era.

My question to you is: if you are wise enough to acknowledge that both parties are hypocritical and dangerous, will you now join the 10 percenters (those from right and left) who have the guts to vote for a third party if that one truly represents your interests? Those hypocrites who love to lambast third partiers are so blind to think their vote will truly change things if they vote for one of the two big box parties. I’m sorry but this election was decided way before now – if you think Obamanation was so bold in his first term, you haven’t seen anything yet!

Yochanan Qavah