Piano playing plebians plague PUB


Some of us students at eastern have complaints about the piano in the Pence Union Building and how it is freely accessible to anyone to use at any time of day, regardless of their musical skill level. This can lead to disruption of focus, tension in the overall atmosphere, and a general degradation of productivity for students who use the PUB as a place to focus on academics outside of class. Additionally, interpersonal communication between students is inhibited by the noise, and those who use the big screen TV to watch sports and the news are ousted by the droning piano. The effects of this nuisance are campus-wide, and are especially afflicting to students who live on campus and frequent the PUB.

No one is specifically to blame for this issue, as the idea of the piano and its free use stems from good intentions; the only real problem is placement. In order to be accommodating to those who enjoy access to the piano, we propose that it either be relocated to another place on campus that experiences less traffic, restrict its use so that there are parts of the day that people can study in peace, or, the least favorable option, remove it entirely.

We strongly believe that if one of the “three R’s” is chosen for the piano (with the exception of removing it), those who enjoy using it are still able to, and those who find it a nuisance will be satisfied. Communication between students will be facilitated in a more conducive environment, there will be more space to use where the piano currently resides for academic and intramural activities, students will enjoy peace and quiet, and perhaps we may see an increase in business for the PUB shops and stores.

Ted C. Landoe 

John R. Meier 

Morganne Comstock 

Cody Thompson 

Shiori Koide