Wheely Hoopin at Reese Court

Young athlete on wheelchair throwing ball in basketball basket, sunset effect in background.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Young athlete on wheelchair throwing ball in basketball basket, sunset effect in background.

By Leo Sprankle, Contributor

On a rainy day at Reese Court, the wheelchair tournament was brewing. The teams, University of Arizona, Eastern Washington, Parasport and St. Luke’s were participating in the two day event.  

The atmosphere was chill and the players warmed up with their other coaches and teammates. The friendships that were created made the event more enjoyable for everyone. 

The game was broken into two twenty min periods with a ten minute intermission. Players were showing their skills, being shifty with their wheelchairs, and competing hard with their deficiencies. 

The first game of the day featured University of Arizona and EWU, with Arizona winning 55 to 34. Arizona’s speed and transition game was strong as they shot 44 percent from the floor with 24 defensive rebounds, 4 turnovers committed and 7 assists.

Eastern shot 31 percent from the floor with 29 defensive rebounds, 14 turnovers and 9 assists. 

The second game of the day was Parasport and EWU. The first half was intense, as each team worked on their possessions, connecting on their passes and scoring with a soft touch. 

The scoring went back and forth, with neither team making more than a few buckets at a time, and the fouls were sporadic compared to the first game. Eastern lead at the first half whistle, 24 to 17. 

In the second half, Eastern had more of a push offensively, as Parasport went more time in between baskets, and the flow and pace of the half mirrored how the first half was played. In the last couple minutes, EWU went on a cold streak and parasport went on a run, making it a nine point game with 1:20 left in the second half. But two more eastern defensive possessions put the game out of reach as EWU won their second game 46 to 35.