Friendly family showdown on the track field


Emily Powers

The Schaplow family (from left to right), Duke, Kallie, Angela, and Don, pose for a photo after the competition Saturday.

By Keri Kelly, Co-Managing Editor

The Schaplow family always loved athletics, especially track and field. Don Schaplow, the head coach at Toledo High school, started off as an athlete in high school. Upon attending Eastern Washington University, he joined the track team.

After getting his degree with the EWU P.E. Department, Schaplow married his wife Angela Shaplow and started coaching track for high school students. They sought to impact high school students with their love for track.

“I was a track athlete in high school,” said Don Schaplow. “My goal [as a coach] was to get them involved in something bigger than themselves and believe in themselves.”

Don Schaplow (left) and Duke Schaplow (right) take a moment to discuss as the Boy’s Javelin event is in progress Saturday afternoon.
(Emily Powers)

The couple hadn’t anticipated their own family to fall in love with the sport as well. Kallie and Duke Schaplow  now work as track coaches at Liberty Spangle Highschool.

Kallie Schaplow is currently an athlete at EWU as well. After her first year of juggling basketball and throwing javelin for the track team, Kallie got injured. This prevented her from throwing javelin, but it didn’t prevent her from wanting to be a part of the sport.

After her injury she decided to focus on coaching and said, “I was excited to stay around the sports I love, but just in a different role.”

This year, Toledo and Liberty Spangle faced off against each other at the local Cheney track meet. This means friendly competition for both parties.

EWU Football players pose for a photo Friday evening during their volunteer shift. Students from different teams and departments logged hours at the event.
(Emily Powers)

“I started doing track in the seventh grade,” said Kallie Shaplow. “My dad was my javelin coach. He helped me win a state title at this same track meet.”

Don and Kallie Shaplow agree that the competition is not heated. The family was extremely tight previously and the children grew up playing sports with their parents. Now the parents are able to share their experiences as coaches. They enjoy standing together on the sidelines cheering on their athletes, trading coaching tips and supporting each other’s teams.

The siblings have gotten closer to each other as well. Kallie mentioned that coaching with Duke Shaplow has been fun.

“We have always been super close,” she said.

Looking at how his family has grown, Don Shaplow is thankful that he is able to share track with his children.

Kallie Schaplow hugs mother Angela Schaplow in celebration of the Boys 4X400 Meter Relay win for Toledo. (Emily Powers)

“I’m proud of both of them. This is the beginning and continuing of a really cool journey,” he said.

Kallie Schaplow was coached in cross country by her mother, and in javelin by her father. She got to experience this alongside her brother. She cannot help but be thankful for her family.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter to the Shaplow family who won the track meet. All that matters is that they were able to experience it together.

Don Schaplow and Kallie Schaplow confer before the Boys Javelin Throw Saturday. Toledo had two athletes in the event. (Emily Powers)