Intramural sports offers students a chance to connect

By Keri Kelly, Co-Managing Editor

Tired of battling spring fever, sitting in a class with the cold air conditioning blowing in one’s face while the professor reads off a PowerPoint at the front? The sun is shining outside and now is a good time for students to soak up that sun. Intramural sports offer students a range of outside activities.

Unlike university and club sports, Intramural is open to all students regardless of their ability or availability.

“Club is more competitive and you travel to other colleges to play,” mentioned Deja Henry, a senior in the Sociology and Africana Studies.

As an intramural athlete she doesn’t have to make as much of a commitment to her sport. This is helpful to many college students who may be stressed about schoolwork.

Students may sign up online by registering or joining a team on the campus recreational site. Intramural sports this spring include soccer, volleyball, kan jam, slow pitch softball and spikeball.

Once a week, the team meets up to play a game with another team. Other than that, teams may choose to be as competitive as they want.

Karlie Sowders, a referee and scorekeeper for Intramural sports said “Some of our volleyball starts at 5:45 and goes until 10 at night.”

This may include extra practices or games.

At the end of the quarter, teams will have the opportunity to compete in the intramural championships based off of their scores during the games that quarter. Athletes may even earn an intramural shirt.

“On the back of them it says ‘We are the champs,’” said Sowders.