A Look Back: From EWU Legend to Super Bowl Champion

Cooper Cup, EWU alumni, accepts the MVP trophy before an entire nation.


Cooper Cup, EWU alumni, accepts the MVP trophy before an entire nation.

By Isaiah Gessner, Social Media Director

Cooper Kupp was born and raised in Washington State and attended Davis High School in Yakima before going on to break countless records at Eastern Washington University. On February 13th Kupp added Super Bowl MVP to his long list of accomplishments in the Rams 23-20 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals. 

The packed Sofi Stadium roared out in long standing chants of “Cooooop” as he went on to record 8 catches, 92 yards, and 2 touchdowns which ended up including the final score of the game. The support from the Cheney fire turf has carried over into Kupp’s professional career. SoFI Stadium made sure of that. 

However, Cooper Kupp’s journey was not one that was simply made overnight. This was a long standing grind of effort and determination to become the NFL’s 2021-2022 Offensive Player of the Year and even received an MVP vote. Something that many incredible players throughout the long history of the league have not even received.

Going back to high school, Cooper Kupp didn’t end up receiving any college scholarship offers until 3 weeks after his senior season at Davis High School had already concluded back in 2012. Ultimately, Kupp had gotten an offer from EWU and decided to attend. Leading to a beautiful partnership for both parties. 

Cooper Kupp, grasps the football during the Oct. 4, 2014 game against Idaho State University. (Photo by Anna Mills)

In his 52 games at Eastern from 2013 to 2016, Kupp went on to record 428 receptions, 6,464 yards, and a whopping 73 touchdowns. Some of the impressive records that he holds include being 1st in college football all-division career receiving yards, receiving touchdowns, receiving yards per game (124.3 yards), and 1st in FCS career points (395). Now, he gets to add Super Bowl champion and MVP to his laundry list of accomplishments. 

After college, Kupp went on to become the 69th overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. His impact was immediately felt as he climbed up the depth chart to not just become the best receiving option on the Los Angeles Rams, but one of the best receivers in the entire league. 

Sadly, his hot start to his career ran into a major roadblock when he tore his ACL on November 11th of 2018. That same season the Rams ended up making it to the Super Bowl but fell short to the Tom Brady led New England Patriots. Kupp ended up missing the game as he was amid his rehab. This year, Kupp made sure to leave his mark all over the Super Bowl. Living up to all of the expectations that had been placed on him heading into the game. 

It’s impressive for someone to return and be able to play even at the level that they were prior to their injury. Cooper Kupp not only exceeded them, he demolished them. This season, Kupp became the 4th player all time to capture the Triple Crown. The Triple crown is achieved by leading the NFL in receiving yards, receptions, and receiving touchdowns. Achieving one of the greatest seasons for a receiver ever. 

As Cooper Kupp continues to thrive in the pro’s, it is important to reflect on what a beautiful journey that he has undergone in his lifetime. Proving to everyone that achieving the impossible is never truly out of reach.