Clubs promote their presence on campus

Clubs promote their presence on campus at the fair.

Dillon Deffinbaugh

Clubs promote their presence on campus at the fair.

By Summer Sandstrom, Contributor


On Nov. 3, EWU’s quarterly Club and Org Fair featured an array of the university’s student groups and clubs.

The event was planned by Dillon Deffinbaugh, one of the assistant directors of SAIL, and Ian Baisch, ASEWU’s Student Activities Representative.

“We had right around 40 clubs and organizations tabling, as well as a few student fee supported departments and programs in attendance,” said Deffinbaugh.

An estimated 250-300 people attended the event between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. that day. Those attendance numbers are similar to those the event has seen pre-pandemic.

SAIL and ASEWU also put on NeighborFest, and both events are held with the intent of giving clubs and organizations a chance to get their names out and increase membership, which has been a goal for many groups post-pandemic.

Many of the organizations at the event said that there has been an increased focus on recruitment this year, as many of them lack returning members, and events like NeighborFest have been helpful for their outreach goals.

Eagle organizations promote their presence through events on campus. (Dillon Deffinbaugh)

The event was open to all ASEWU, SFL, and Club Sports organizations to attend to gain new members and promote upcoming events.

There are more Club and Organization Fairs being planned for next year as well. “Tentative dates for Winter and Spring Club & Organization Fairs are 1/18 and 4/13, respectively,” said Deffinbaugh.

While the university does plan these events to help clubs and organizations with recruitment, many of them also plan their own recruitment events throughout the quarter.

And to keep up with those events and EWU’s clubs and organizations, follow the EWU SAIL department on social media @ewusail.

“We not only promote opportunities to start/restart/join orgs,” said Deffinbaugh, “but we also highlight the great work our organizations are doing on campus to engage students.”