Stop everything you’re doing and watch Bojack Horseman


By Isaiah Gessner, Social Media Director


At first glance, Bojack Horseman looks like your standard run-of-the-mill animated comedy. However, once starting the show, you quickly realize just how different Bojack Horseman is from its other counterparts. In a world where most of the protagonists in the series are animals, it makes it even more impressive to see just how human and relatable every character is.

Show creator Rapheael Bob-Waksberg tells the story of a former sitcom star who is attempting to make a comeback while dealing with the mistakes of his past and the constant struggle with his mental and physical health. The former Holywoo (Yes, it’s Hollywoo instead of Hollywood) star may just be the greatest antihero in television history. With every step forward Bojack takes, there are at least two steps moving in the opposite direction awaiting him. This dynamic makes for a roller coaster type of experience for the viewer, and offers a very fascinating and complicated main character to dissect. 

Bojack Horseman covers a plethora of topics over the course of its six-season run. Some of these topics include depression, feminism, addiction, adoption, single parenthood, divorce, sexual harassment, gun control, the ongoing pain from childhood trauma, and so much more. The ability to combine such serious topics with lighthearted jokes helps to elevate Bojack Horseman into a creative space entirely of its own. With its unique ability to cover all of these heavy topics in such a powerful way, there is truly something for everybody to relate with. This leads to everyone having their own distinctive attachment to the characters in the series.

To coincide with the amazing story, there are a wide variety of other reasons to watch the series. The animation is unique, the character design for everyone is incredibly intentional, and the utilization of music helps to progress the plot forward in a very innovative way. 

Events that take place even as early on as episode one still have major implications for the series finale, leaving viewers not only engaged, but extremely satisfied with the show’s sensational ending.

Still not convinced that you should watch Bojack Horseman? As the legendary Billy Mays said: but wait, there’s more!

The show goes all in when it comes to taking risks in the writing department. Without giving away any spoilers, there is an episode in the series that includes a 22-minute-long monologue. 

That’s it. Just a character telling a story for 22 minutes. Not only is this totally unique to a show like Bojack Horseman, it is done exceptionally well. 

Another episode in the series is done with almost no dialogue at all, as it relies entirely on the animation and sound design to help tell a story. While both of these episodes use totally different plot devices to tell the story, they’re both incredibly unique.

Every character in the series is given their own arc, and multiple episodes to help fill out their story. The ability to explore every character’s flaws along with their strengths is very relatable as a viewer. With nobody on this planet being entirely “good” or “bad,” it’s nice to have a tv series that puts that on display.

So, if you’re looking for a new series on Netflix to binge, or are just looking to dive into some great television, give Bojack Horseman a chance. You will not be disappointed.