EWU’s Required Vaccinations

By Grant Wengeler, Reporter


Since 2019, Eastern Washington University has required measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) immunization records from students to prove their vaccination status. With such requirements already in place, many students may be wondering if these requirements will expand to Covid-19 vaccines, or potential vaccine passports, to attend on-campus learning.

 “At this time there isn’t any policy to mandate such a new vaccine,” said Laura Gant, EWU’s  Health Education Coordinator for Health, Wellness and Prevention Services. 

While EWU does not plan to require students to show their COVID-19 vaccination status, the University continues to require proof of MMR immunizations. This means that students who attend on-campus learning will have to provide documentation in the form of immunization records from their healthcare provider, public health department or the state immunization registry. Other acceptable documents include a School Certificate of Immunizations, a copy of one’s child immunization card, military immunization record or a signed proof of immunity form provided by a healthcare provider.  

If a student is unsure if they have received any of the MMR vaccines, they may be tested at MultiCare Rockwood in Cheney via a titer blood test available for $8. This test will determine which immunizations are present and if a student requires further vaccination. 

Students who attend classes entirely online are exempt. Waivers are also available for students who cannot vaccinate for medical or religious purposes in the Med+Proctor system. However, in the case of an outbreak on campus, all non-vaccinated students will be required to stay off-campus for the duration of the outbreak, as directed by EWU. For more information visit EWU’s Health, Wellness, and Prevention Services website.