Grant Wengeler joins The Easterner

By Keri Kelly, Web Editor

24 years, Grant Wengeler has waited for the moment he’d be hired at The Easterner. Now this curious man is ready to take the world by hurricane with his humorous jokes and heavy metal music.

At The Easterner, Wengeler seeks to further his skills as a writer so he can pursue a career as a teacher. This is his senior year at EWU, and is finishing his degree in English Literature.

“My ultimate goal is to become a teacher and work overseas. It’s a great excuse to see the world.” says Wengeler.

 Wengeler desires to work in South Korea, Saudi Arabia or South America as an English teacher.

Raised in Spokane, Wengeler developed his love for history and literature. His favorite hobby is reading and writing fiction novels. He especially finds philosophy just as engaging. Wengeler spends a good amount of time studying the words of John Locke, John Milton and any other historical philosopher named John. In addition to philosophy, Wengeler spends time snowboarding, swimming, hiking and writing poetry.

His favorite movie is Saving Private Ryan and his favorite song is Chapter Four by Avenged Sevenfold. Yes, this is the same dude who likes to write poetry. Wengeler has many sides to him, all of which complement each other to produce the Grant Wengeler that the world knows today. He is silly, curious and most of all, a thoughtful human being.

We all have a lesson or two we can learn from this wise senior. When asked about his decision in coming to EWU, Wengeler said, “No matter what college you go to, no matter where you go, the information does not change. It’s the value of the knowledge you give it to yourself.”