EWU football player faces charges of hit-and-run to unattended property


EWU defensive end Keenan Williams walks out after halftime of EWU’s 31–19 victory over Montana State on Oct. 14. Williams, who is entering his senior season, faces misdemeanor charges of hit-and-run to unattended property following an incident on March 9. | The Easterner Archives

By Michael Brock, Sports Editor

EWU football player Keenan Williams has been suspended indefinitely following an incident that occurred in the late hours of March 9.

According to witnesses cited in report from the Cheney Police Department, Williams drove his Ford F-250 pickup truck into Building 17 at the Eagle Point Apartments on Betz Road before fleeing the scene.

“We are aware of the incident and will cooperate fully with the investigation,” head coach Aaron Best said in a statement reported by the Spokesman-Review on March 27.

“But until that is complete and the case is reviewed in accordance with EWU’s student conduct policies, Keenan has been suspended indefinitely from all team activities.”

The Eagles began spring workouts on April 3.

Per Cheney Police Officer David J. Bailey’s report, Officer Bailey was notified at 11:21 p.m. on March 9 of a vehicle collision at Eagle Point. Once Officer Bailey arrived, the officer noticed a large hole in the building.

Officer Bailey was contacted by one of the witnesses, who directed him towards a blue, 2007 F-250 truck. The witness then stated to Officer Bailey that the driver had moved the truck after the incident and then fled the scene. The witness was not present for the collision, but was there for the immediate aftermath.

After hearing the collision, the witness stepped outside to see several males standing around Williams’ truck while it was still lodged in the building.

It was at this moment that the witness, who had advised Williams to not drive away as law enforcement was on its way, was pushed by another individual. This individual was described as “big, with red hair” by the witness.

The individual eventually knocked the witness to the ground. After this altercation, the witness stated that the driver re-entered the vehicle, backed the truck out and stopped in the parking lot.

Another witness, who had heard the collision, went outside and started recording with his cellphone via the app Snapchat. This video, which The Easterner has obtained, showed several male subjects, including Williams, in an apparent “scuffle” before the video ended.

Bailey interviewed other witnesses, and from their statements, determined there was probable cause to arrest Keenan Williams for RCW 46.52.010: “Duty on Striking Unattended Car or Other Property.”

At 8:10 a.m. the following morning, Williams, who grew up in Cheney, turned himself in to police. He was accompanied by his father.

Because no one was injured, Williams, 20, faces misdemeanor charges of hit-and-run to unattended property.

Williams is scheduled to appear in court on April 5. The defensive end,  who is headed into his senior season, started all 11 games last year for the Eagles and led all linemen with 55 tackles.

It is unclear at this time whether any other EWU football players were involved, which was a topic that Best commented on at his April 3 media availability.

“We’re still looking at all angles,” said Best. “We’re doing our due diligence as far as communicating with authorities and with people here on campus in the student conduct. So if there is something brought to our attention and truly shows that there is a situation with others involved, then we will take that — whether it’s in-house or not, that will be kind of yet to be determined by our athletic department and football staff.”